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Diamond Wood Cues

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Schon CX48 Pool Cue

…of effort is placed in creating the interesting oval, hourglass and elongated diamond designs. Once you move past its outward beauty, you will realize that its performance is second to none. This wonderfully crafted cue creates a stiff hit due to the piloted stainless steel joint and shorter shaft taper…

$1010.00 Our Price $808.00
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Riley RIL09 Snooker Cue

…snooker cues. From the Heritage Series comes the RIL09, a 3-piece cue featuring the WAC system of weight adjustment which allows you to customize your game by adding or removing up to 1.5 oz. Features include 9.5mm blue diamond tip, brass ferrule, quick release brass joint, and premium ash wood shaft…

$115.00 Our Price $97.75
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Lucasi Custom LZC45 Pool Cue

The Lucasi LZC45 is made out of Bocote wood with the floating split black and Bocote points with metal diamond inlays. Sleek wrapless Bocote handle. Comes with a solid 12.75mm Low Deflection Shaft.

$549.99 Our Price $467.49
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Scorpion SCC01 Pool Cue

This pool cue is dark and beautiful, designed with elegance and grace in mind. The shaft is pure hardrock maple wood and bonded with fiberglass for extra strength and protection. The forearm is a deep ebony color, broken only by rich burgundy diamond wave designs that extend down the length is sharp…

$149.00 Our Price $126.65
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McDermott M29B Pool Cue

…M29B cue stick is truly a work of art. Constructed of Central American cocobolo wood on the forearm and sleeve, this cue features an astounding 132 inlays of southwestern turquoise, synthetic Ivory and cocobolo in floating points, diamonds and "H" shapes. Beauty is not only skin deep on this cue. Backed…

$1650.00 Our Price $1402.50
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Joss JOS74 Pool Cue

…the Joss JOS74 pool cue celebrates the exotic woods used in the old-time craftsmanship of this cue. The butt is crafted with a stunning bloodwood forearm, curly maple wood in the "wrap" section and a bloodwood sleeve with a band of curly maple wood decorated with holly wood diamond inlays outlined in…

$410.00 Our Price $348.50
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Joss JOS04 Pool Cue

woods used on the forearm and sleeve of the Joss JOS04 pool cue creates an attractive look and feel. On the sleeve, rich cocobolo wood is decorated with white holly diamond inlays, while on the forearm natural Birdseye Maple features four cocobolo points with ebony veneers and white holly diamond inlays…

$420.00 Our Price $357.00
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Action BW10 Pool Cue

…-Relon wrap rounding out the cue's outer shell. The hardrock maple shaft is topped off with a proprietary boar skin tip. The shaft connects to the butt with a composite collar and wood-to-wood joint to create a compact, solid hit. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all Action cues.

$95.00 Our Price $80.75
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Griffin GR11 Pool Cue

…mother of pearl diamond shaped overlays. A black Irish linen wrap with white specks adds grip control, and a protective, glossy UV coating is applied to the finish to keep the woods looking new. To ensure straightness, this cue underwent five rounds of turning, and a warp resistant wood stabilizer keeps…

$132.00 Our Price $112.20
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Cuetec CT263 Pool Cue

…composite cladding of fiberglass encases the solid wood core of this stick, and a “power bonding process” gives additional protection from moisture and temperature changes. The cue features black finish with silver floating point and diamond overlay designs on the forearm and sleeve and a Veltec…

$176.00 Our Price $140.80
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Scorpion SCC02 Pool Cue

…contrast the dark wood with a rich blonde color. Small cream colored diamond artwork accentuate the maple to give further color. The sleeve replicates the design, giving beautiful contrast over the whole piece. A black and white Irish linen wrap ties the piece together. This pool cue features a 13mm Water…

$149.00 Our Price $126.65
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Lucasi Custom LZD2 Pool Cue

…you like the look of the LZD1 cue, but prefer a more natural wood stain, the Lucasi LZD2 pool cue is the perfect choice. Super high-gloss UV finish is placed over natural stained Birdseye Maple on the forearm and sleeve. Imitation bone inlays on the sleeve in diamond shapes and five black and white…

$284.99 Our Price $242.24
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Schon CX03 Pool Cue

…turquoise is featured on the Schon CX03 custom pool stick in diamond shape inlays on the forearm and sleeve. Joined by stained Birdseye Maple and wonderful cocobola wood inlays, as well as a black Irish linen wrap with white specks, this cue is the epitome of excellent craftsmanship. The fine detail continues…

$789.00 Our Price $631.20
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Griffin GR22 Pool Cue

…resistant wood stabilizer maintains the integrity of the cue. There is even a polished UV finish coat on the cue to protect the outstanding woods and designs. The butt of the cue is crafted in black hardrock maple with silver outlined white points, stars and oval overlays. Turquoise diamond overlays are…

$132.00 Our Price $112.20
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Riley RIL11 Snooker Cue

…snooker cues. From the Heritage Series comes the RIL11, a classic 2-piece cue with all the features you'll need to improve your potting and control. You'll enjoy the solid hit and good feel made possible by the 9.5mm blue diamond tip, brass ferrule, quick release brass joint, and premium ash wood shaft…

$75.00 Our Price $63.75
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