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Cue Tools

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Cue Cube

The Cue Cube is the ultimate shaping and scuffing tool, on one side you can refine your cue tip to a nickel radius. The other side is used to scuff up the cue tip for optimal chalk retention before your shot. This way your tip will hold chalk better allowing for better control in your shot and less…

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How To Tip A Pool Cue - Terry Macioge

…laymen's guide to tipping pool cues. Featuring hundreds of pictures and detailed steps for choosing and replacing your pool cue, this book is an absolute must have for any serious pool player. Contents include:* The Tools You'll Need* The Ferrule* The Tip* How to Tip A Pool Cue With the help of this book…

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Tip Master 6 in 1 Pool Cue Tip Tool

The new Tip Master tip tool is made of aircraft aluminum to be lightweight and last forever, plus it will shape, scuff, pick and burnish your tip all in one tool and even has storage for some extra scuffing papers. The tip tool comes in three colors to choose from Silver, Electric Blue and Hot Pink…

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Ultimate Billiards Cue Tip Tool Refill

Refills for Ultimate Tip Tool

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Tiger Le Manifik Cue Tip Shaper and Scuffer

If you're looking for a tool that does it all, the Tiger Le Manifik is the perfect option. Featuring nickel and dime shapers, coarse and fine scuffers and a suede carrying bag, this just may be the last tip tool you ever need . Unlike other tip tools, the Tiger Le Manifik is built with Anodized Aluminum…

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Cue Cube Colors

…are looking for a way to refine your chalk up, this colored cue cube will cover all your angles. One side of the tool shapes your cue to a nickel radius, and the other side scuffs up the tip for optimal chalk retention. This is a simple tool that brings you effective results in ball control and in lowering…

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Action Black Pool Cue Tip Tapper

…the tip of your cue; this helps the cue to hold chalk better. Then, by tapping the chalk into the tip, you will actually keep that chalk in your shot. This process makes it so that you are less likely to miscue, thus achieving better ball control in your shot. This is a must have tool for any pool player…

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Cue Ball Tracker

The Cue Ball Tracker™ is a simple, concise tool to answer the question of the cue ball's deflection path after contacting an object ball. If the cue ball deflection path is ever not clear to you, then Cue Ball Tracker™ is for you. This thing is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. You take the…

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Cue Top Sander Machine

Once the old cue tip comes off your cue, this is a sander to even out the top of the ferrule so the new tip will glue on flat to give you a good shot once it dries in place. This way you can keep the same quality shot as you had before with a new tip. Looking for refills for your Cue Sander? Just head…

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Elephant EZ Shot Cue Ball

…rapid improvement. The E-Z Shot Cue Ball, designed for both beginners and experienced players, is the fastest, most effective way for beginners to learn and experienced players to sharpen their skills by getting back to the basics. For Beginners - The E-Z Shot Cue Ball is ideal. The simple-to-use lesson…

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Aramith Pro Cup 6 Red Dot TV "Measles" Cue Ball

…watched a televised event has seen this cue ball with red dots. Aramith has released this unique red dot cue ball to the public. This distinctive cue ball is exactly like the ones you see on ESPN. The six red dots on the cue allow you to see the spin of the cue ball. Unsurpassed in quality, each ball…

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Cue Top Sander Refill (Set of 12)

This is a set of 12 refill papers for the Cue Top Sander Machine. In case your looking for the actual Cue Top Sander Machine, we sell that to.

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Pool Cue Repair Kit

With this very affordable Action Pak, you can be ready to keep your cue tip in good shape no matter what’s wrong. This pack includes chalk, ferrules, tips, glue, a tip sander, and a cue clamp. This is a great package to have nearby in the event something goes wrong in the middle of a rack.

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Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball

…have to be able to control the cue ball. With the Q-Tru training ball, you'll notice an improvement to your game in just a few short hours. The Q-Tru will train you how and where to hit the cue ball through its unique ball markings. You'll improve your position play, cue ball control and rebound control…

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Aluminum Cue Clamp

…clamp that will help you to be sure your tip is attached to the ferrule and the glue has time to dry sturdy and straight. This way you can let the cue sit on its own while the glue dries. This is an affordable way to be sure your new tip will stick around.

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