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Cue Balls

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Aramith Tournament Magnetic Cue Ball

The Aramith Tournament Magnetic Cue Ball is the best cue ball available for coin-op and other tables with a magnetic cue ball return. This ball has the magnetic material spread evenly throughout the entire ball to give it the truest roll and maximum performance.

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Aramith Pro Cup 6 Red Dot TV "Measles" Cue Ball

cue ball to the public. This distinctive cue ball is exactly like the ones you see on ESPN. The six red dots on the cue allow you to see the spin of the cue ball. Unsurpassed in quality, each ball is made with Aramith's unique phenolic resin making them among the sturdiest and most impact resistant balls

$42.49 Our Price $33.99
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Jim Rempe Training Billiards Ball

Improve your cue ball control, spin effects and rebound control with the Jim Rempe Training Ball by Aramith. Designed by Jim Rempe, this ball has both a beginner and advanced player side so as you improve as a player, the ball will grow with your game. This unique training ball is designed to help you…

$45.65 Our Price $36.52
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Aramith Red Circle Cue Ball

This Red Circle Cue Ball makes a great practice ball. The engraved red circle can be used as a target; after striking the ball, you can check the placement of your chalk mark with the position of the red circle to see if you hit the cue ball where you intended.

$22.48 Our Price $17.98
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Aramith Continental Belgian Pool Ball Set

…Belgian Billiard Ball Set. This set features 15 regulation pool balls and an Aramith cue ball. Aramith balls feature:- Perfect roundness and balance - Uniform weight and hardness - Brilliant colors - Friction resistant roll and reactionWhen you make an investment in Aramith balls, you can be assured…

$54.66 Our Price $43.73
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Super Aramith Pro Cue Ball

…you need a replacement cue ball for your Super Aramith Pro Billiard Ball Set, has you covered. This high precision Super Aramith Pro Cue Ball helps to ensure precise shots and ball repositioning. Aramith has earned a worldwide reputation for making outstanding balls that are internationally…

$22.76 Our Price $18.21
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Elephant EZ Shot Cue Ball

…rapid improvement. The E-Z Shot Cue Ball, designed for both beginners and experienced players, is the fastest, most effective way for beginners to learn and experienced players to sharpen their skills by getting back to the basics. For Beginners - The E-Z Shot Cue Ball is ideal. The simple-to-use lesson…

$21.95 Our Price $17.00
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Aramith Oversized Cue Ball

So you think you're a big baller? Sorry, couldn't resist... Replacement cue ball for older-style bar tables that use different-sized holes to return the cue ball and the object balls to the right places. The great news is that it's an Aramith product so it's made of high-quality composite. Don't forget…

$9.16 Our Price $7.33
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Solid Black Cue Ball

…something to bring out the unique feel of your pool table. Check out the new black cue ball. Taking a new spin on the cue ball concept, this ball is solid black and is recommended to go with the reversed white 8 ball.

$8.80 Our Price $7.04
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Dynamo Cue Ball

…Without it, how would people find their special someone... or, more importantly, how would your cue ball find its special ball-return hole? Replacement magnetic cue ball for tables with a magnetic ball-separator. Nope, not going to insert another joke there! Made by Aramith of high-quality composite…

$17.28 Our Price $13.82
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Cue Ball Tracker

The Cue Ball Tracker™ is a simple, concise tool to answer the question of the cue ball's deflection path after contacting an object ball. If the cue ball deflection path is ever not clear to you, then Cue Ball Tracker™ is for you. This thing is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. You take the…

$14.95 Our Price $9.95
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Aramith Q-Tru Training Cue Ball

…of ball banger, you quickly learn that if you want to win consistently, you have to be able to control the cue ball. With the Q-Tru training ball, you'll notice an improvement to your game in just a few short hours. The Q-Tru will train you how and where to hit the cue ball through its unique ball markings…

$38.32 Our Price $30.65
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Valley Cougar Magnetic Cue Ball

Valley-Dynamo introduces the Valley Cougar Cue Ball by Aramith. Valley-Dynamo has taken the popular Aramith, magnetic cue ball and added the prominent Valley Cougar logo to enhance the image of this already perfect cue ball.

$44.95 Our Price $34.95
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Aramith Premier Cue Ball

…Aramith Premier Cue Ball is a replacement cue ball for the Aramith Premier Belgian Billiard Ball Set. Some of the features of Aramith balls are: perfect roundness and balance, uniform weight and hardness, brilliant colors, friction resistant roll and reaction. Aramith phenolic balls last up to five times…

$7.96 Our Price $6.37
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Action Crazy Cue Ball

Want to give your game a new “twist?” Try your luck at playing with this Crazy Cue Ball by Action. Even though it looks like a “normal” cue ball, it is weighted off-center so when you try to hit it straight, it spins and wobbles in a different direction. This makes a great gag gift and is a fun…

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