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5280 GEM03 Pool Cue

The GEM03 5280 Gem pool cue utilizes the beautiful natural luster of Bacote wood in combination with black rings containing natural maple and crystal inlays to make this cue a true work of art. When you play with this cue, you will find its beauty is not only skin deep. Backed by CNC technology and…

$219.00 Our Price $186.15
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5280 Extra Pool Cue Shaft - 13mm

This is a 13mm extra pool cue shaft for 5280 brand pool cues. Please note that the old "True Lock" pin has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.

$140.00 Our Price $119.00
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5280/Outlaw/Voodoo/Eight Ball Mafia Weight Bolt

Weight bolt for 5280, Outlaw, Voodoo and Eight Ball Mafia pool cues. Before purchasing a weight bolt, we recommend that you determine the weight of the bolt in your current cue, then size up based on how much you want to increase your overall cue weight.

$4.95 Our Price $3.95
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5280 MH45 Pool Cue

The 5280 MH45 pool cue will make a great addition to your game and to your personal pool cue collection. This 29" pool cue is made from Hardrock maple with a Black Irish Linen wrap, silver rings and black stained maple with burgundy stained and Mother of Pearl inlays. The black, silver, red and Mother…

$275.00 Our Price $233.75
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5280 MHBJ Break Jump Cue

The 5280 Mile High Break Jump pool cue offers the brilliant fluid transfer of energy felt in other 5280 cue’s from its quality crafted wood-to-wood joint, but also features a release jump break joint in the forearm. The Birdseye maple and black stained maple are accented by the classic 5280 signature…

$160.00 Our Price $136.00
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5280 2 Butt 4 Shaft Leather Case

The 5280 RM24 tube style case in leather is a high quality, handsome way to safely transport two butts and four shafts up to 30-inches in length. Inside, your prize possession cues are protected by plastic tubes lined with soft felt. Subtle 5280 logos are found on the top pocket, bottom and shoulder…

$289.00 Our Price $245.65
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5280 MH48 Pool Cue

We're especially partial to 5280 Mile-High Cues. They're super-duper awesome and named after Pooldawg's home state, Colorado! This fancy number features gray-stained maple with black-lined pearl inlays. It's design confidently rides the line between simple and eye-catching. All Mile-High Cues feature…

$285.00 Our Price $242.25
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5280 MH20 Pool Cue

Another story of contrasts is what you get with the 5280 MH20. An ebony stained forearm and butt with beautiful rosewood and synthetic ivory inlays might be the selling point, but what really stands out is the whitewash style Birdseye maple handle. This elegant contrast is broken up with black and silver…

$225.00 Our Price $191.25
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5280 APX02 Pool Cue

This 5280 Apex pool cue is a great value considering its quality craftsmanship. With a 3/8x10 Joint inspected by 5280’s 5-point quality control check, and the use of CNC technology, this solid hitting cue is a great choice. The spider like design created by smoke-stained Birdseye maple with ebony…

$245.00 Our Price $208.25
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5280 MHSP Sneaky Pete Pool Cue

The 5280 Mile High Sneaky Pete pool cue combines simplicity in style with fluidity in strike. The quality that 5280 puts into their cue sticks is proven by their 5-point quality control check system, which every cue goes through. This craftsmanship of the wood-to-wood joint in this cue offers you a great…

$150.00 Our Price $127.50
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5280 ELE06 Pool Cue

Shimmering iridescence is achieved on the 5280 ELE06 Elevation pool stick with the use of Mother of Pearl floating points on the natural stained Birdseye maple forearm and sleeve. Ebony veneers surround the black with white specks Irish linen wrap to bring a cohesive look to this striking cue. You'll…

$235.00 Our Price $199.75
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5280 ELE07 Pool Cue

The handsome 5280 ELE07 Elevation pool cue incorporates ebony veneers overlaid on brown stained maple with inlays of Icy Mother of Pearl points and overlays of turquoise diamonds. The interesting designs on the forearm and sleeve make this cue a true work of art. When you play with this cue, you will…

$235.00 Our Price $199.75
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5280 MH15 Pool Cue

Modern design elements and a Black and White Irish linen wrap give the 5280 MH15 a truly distinctive appearance. The ebony stained maple forearm and sleeve are adorned with pearly acrylite points and rectangles, which are interrupted by beautiful rosewood and set apart by Birdseye maple inlays. But…

$295.00 Our Price $250.75
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5280 MH56 Pool Cue

…this cue by 5280. The simple and classic design combines the ebony stained wood with 4 Cocobolo points on the forearm with maple squares making up the rings. With a pressed Irish linen wrap you will have no issues with grip. As for the shaft, it comes with a 29" hardrock maple and a 13mm 5280 Tiger Redline…

$189.00 Our Price $160.65
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5280 MH57 Pool Cue

The 5280 (named after its beloved mile high hometown in Denver) MH57 pool cue combines a wonderful combination of different woods that include purpleheart, zebra and maple wood.The forearm features the purpleheart and the zebra wood in the points with maple splices. To tie the cue together the zebra…

$189.00 Our Price $160.65
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